Siri Hustvedt

Journals & Anthologies
Jan 2005

New York University Press

“Look Away”

New York Stories: The Best of the City Section of The New York Times.

Journals & Anthologies
Jan 2005

Modern Painters Fall, 2005

“Old Pictures”

An essay on photography.

Journals & Anthologies
Jul 2004

Kerber, 2004. Reprinted in Modern Painters, Winter, 2004

“Necessary Leaps”

A catalogue essay published by Kerber in the book Richard Allen Morris: Retrospective 1958-2004.

Journals & Anthologies
Oct 2003

The Guardian, October 19, 2003. Reprinted by Fundacion Amigos Museo del Prado, 2008

“Why Goya”

A couple of years ago, I was invited to give a lecture on aspects of Goya's work at the Studio School in New York. Since that time, I've noticed a growing popular fascination with the artist. Last year, Julia Blackburn published Old Man Goya, a very personal account of the painter's life. Robert Hughes and Evan S. Connell have recently completed books on Goya: Hughes's was published this month. Last summer, I ran into the producer Saul Zaentz, who told me he was working on a movie project about Goya, and controversy has recently surrounded the Black Paintings with the claims by Spanish art historian Juan José Junquera that Goya did not paint those astounding late works. For a man who has been dead for 175 years, Goya is remarkably present among us still.

Journals & Anthologies
Jan 2003

Conjunctions 41, Two Kingdoms: The Dualism Issue, 2003, 71-76.

“Being a Man”

Conjunctions 41, Two Kingdoms: The Dualism Issue

Journals & Anthologies
Aug 2002

Modern Painters, Summer, 2002

“Double Exposure”

An essay on Gerhard Richter.

Journals & Anthologies
Jul 2002

Art on Paper, July-August, 2002

“Heaven’s Alphabet”

An essay on the Russian avant-garde book exhibition at MoMA, New York.

Journals & Anthologies
Jan 2002

New York University Press, 2002

“The World Trade Center”

“The World Trade Center.” 110 Stories: New York Writers After September 11.