Siri Hustvedt

Journals & Anthologies
Jan 2001

D.A.P. 2001, 93-98

“Nine Boxes”

Poem published in A Convergence of Birds: Original Fiction and Poetry Inspired by the Work of Joseph Cornell.

Journals & Anthologies
Apr 2000

Modern Painters, Spring, 2000

“The Man with the Red Crayon”

Features the life and artworks of Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, an 18th-century French painter. Published in Modern Painters in Spring, 2000

Journals & Anthologies
Jan 2000

Art Issues, Summer, 2000


A Haiku on Chardin, published in Art Issues.

Journals & Anthologies
Jan 1998

Modern Painters, Winter, 1998. Reprinted in The Penguin Book of Art Writing, 1999. Reprinted in Writers on Artists, Dorling Kindersley, 2001

“Not Just Bottles”

An essay on the works of artist Giorgio Morandi.

Journals & Anthologies
Jan 1997

Conjunctions: 29. Tributes: American Writers on American Writers, 1997, 265-275.

“Gatsby’s Glasses”

Published in Conjunctions: 29.

Journals & Anthologies
Jan 1997

Brick, 1997. Reprinted in The Art of the Essay: The Best of 1999, Random House

“A Plea for Eros”

“A Plea for Eros” published in Brick.

Journals & Anthologies
Apr 1996

Modern Painters, Spring, 1996

“Vermeer’s Annunciation”

Every painting is always two paintings: the one you see and the one you remember, which is also to say that every painting worth talking about reveals itself over time and takes on its own story inside the viewer.

Journals & Anthologies
Jan 1990

Fiction 9, 1990: 144-162. Reprinted in Best American Short Stories, Houghton Mifflin, 1991: 209-227


A short story, first published in Fiction 9 in 1990.

Journals & Anthologies
Jan 1989

Ontario Review 30, 1989: 80-98. Reprinted: The Best American Short Stories, 1990, Houghton Mifflin: 105-126; The Literary Insomniac: Stories and Essays for Sleepless Nights, Doubleday, 1996: 20-48

“Mr. Morning”

A short story first published in Ontario Review in 1989.

Journals & Anthologies
Jan 1981

The Paris Review 81, 1981: 136-13. Reprinted: The Paris Review Anthology, 1990, Norton: 582-5833.

“Weather Markings”

A poem originally published in Paris Review in 1981.

Journals & Anthologies
Jan 1981

Pequod 12, 1981: 69-73

“Broken Geometry”

A poem published by Pequot in 1981.