Siri Hustvedt

Lectures & Conversations
02 Feb 2022

The Linen Hall Library

Enlightenment Festival

Siri Hustvedt will be in conversation online with Professor David Dwan, in an event hosted by the Linen Hall Library, which was founded in 1788 and is the oldest library in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Lectures & Conversations
10 Dec 2019

L.I.C Bar

LIC Reading Series

Join Siri Hustvedt, Helen Phillips and Jason Tougaw for readings and a panel discussion.

Lectures & Conversations
18 Jun 2019

Royal Library

International Authors' Stage

Join Siri at the International Authors' Stage, Copenhagen.

Lectures & Conversations
17 Jun 2019



Meet Siri in Denmark at LiteratureXchange, the international literature festival in Aarhus.

Lectures & Conversations
12 Jun 2019


Remembrance of Things Coming

Siri Hustvedt and Linn Ullmann will be in conversation at Oslo Litteraturhuset on June 12, 2019.

Lectures & Conversations
07 Jun 2019

Margaret Cavendish Society

Margaret Cavendish Society Conference, Trondheim, Norway

The 2019 Margaret Cavendish Society Conference takes place at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, from June 6 - 9. Siri will be the Keynote speaker.

Lectures & Conversations
27 May 2019

University of Oslo

Public Lecture at the University of Oslo: Siri Hustvedt on Poetic Logic

Siri Hustvedt, renowned author of novels, poems, essays as well as non-fiction, will use her own mother and Jane Austen as starting point for a discussion of the cognitive sciences and the workings of the mind in a lecture entitled “Poetic Logic”.

Lectures & Conversations
03 Jun 2018

Schauspielhus Zurich

Discussions in Zurich with Siri Hustvedt and Miriam Meckel

What is the mind? How does it distinguish itself from the body? Can the mind be reduced to neurones in the brain or not? Join Siri Hustvedt and Miriam Meckel for a discussion on June 3, 2018, at 20:00 at Schauspielhus Zurich.

Lectures & Conversations
07 Jun 2018

International Festival of Philosophy

Delusions of certainty: Exploring body and soul

The question of how body and soul, brain and psyche interact with each other is considered one of the central philosophical problems. Is the body no more than the prison of the soul? Or, conversely, is the soul simply the intricate projection of a brain trying to understand itself? With her highly praised essay, “The Delusions of Certainty”, the writer, essayist, art critic and philosopher Siri Hustvedt has found her own answer to this question.

Lectures & Conversations
04 Jun 2018

Säälchen, Berlin

Meeting Einstein Conference: Art, Brain, and Human Nature

What is the mind? This fundamental question remains unanswered in both philosophy and science. Is the mind part of the body or is it something separate from it? Are the brain and the mind the same thing? Can the mind be disembodied into an algorithm and then realized in a machine?

Lectures & Conversations
21 Apr 2018

The Cooper Union Office of Continuing Education and Public Programs

Handmaid in America

Forty-five years after the constitutional right to abortion was won in the U.S., attempts to subvert women’s reproductive rights have never been been more zealous or determined. How should we respond to the efforts by state and federal legislators to bring in laws and regulations that envision women as mere breeders?

Lectures & Conversations
20 Apr 2018

PEN America

Tell Me What Democracy Looks Like

As part of the Literary Mews and the PEN World Voices Festival, Deutsches Haus at NYU presents “Tell Me What Democracy Looks Like,” a conversation among Marion Brasch, Zetta Elliott, and Siri Hustvedt, which will be moderated by Prof. Marcia Pally.

Lectures & Conversations
11 Apr 2018

Fashion Institute of Technology

ARTSpeak Lecture

ARTSpeak is an interdisciplinary program presented by the departments of Fine Arts and History of Art at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology. On April 11, 2018, from 5 - 6.30 pm, Siri will give a lecture on some of the topics that she has explored in her writing.