Siri Hustvedt

“Trump will make America white and male dominated again”
Nov 2016


“Trump will make America white and male dominated again”

There is a quote that often attributed to the American demagogue Huey Long, but as I once managed to trace to a little-known professor, "When fascism comes to America, they're going to call it Americanism."

My fear is that it has come, and it came through the voices of half of the electorate in the United States. We now know that Hillary Clinton had the most votes in the general population, but lost electoral meeting. We also know that it was essentially the white population who voted for Donald Trump, although a surprisingly large number of Hispanics also gave him their vote.

How can we understand that a parochial racist and misogynist, a man in a recording has bragged that he regularly abuses on women, a man with no political experience, a man who has brought a fraudulent business practices, a man who has made fun of a disabled journalist, a man known for never having read a book in his life, has been lifted into the presidential seat in the US?
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