Siri Hustvedt


Simon & Schuster

A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women: Essays on Art, Sex, and the Mind

In a trilogy of works brought together in a single volume, Siri Hustvedt demonstrates the striking range and depth of her knowledge in both the humanities and sciences. Armed with passionate curiosity, a sense of humor, and insights from many disciplines, she repeatedly upends received ideas and cultural truisms.


Simon & Schuster

The Blazing World

From the internationally bestselling author, praised for her “beguiling, lyrical prose” (The Sunday Times Review, UK), comes a brilliant, provocative novel about an artist, Harriet Burden, who after years of being ignored by the art world conducts an experiment: she conceals her female identity behind three male fronts.

Nov 2016


“Trump will make America white and male dominated again”

How can we understand that a parochial racist and misogynist, a man in a recording has bragged that he regularly abuses on women, a man with no political experience, a man who has brought a fraudulent business practices, a man who has made fun of a disabled journalist, a man known for never having read a book in his life, has been lifted into the presidential seat in the US?