Siri Hustvedt

Interview with Le Temps
Apr 2019

Le Temps, Switzerland

Interview with Le Temps

Siri Hustvedt is the fourth woman to receive the Charles Veillon European Essay Award since 1975. Coinciding with her acceptance of the award in Lausanne, Siri was interviewed by Eléonore Sulser for the Swiss newspaper Le Temps.

ES: Your last essay questions men's eyes on women. What is your view on the #MeToo movement that some have accused of going too far.

SH: It is always interesting to put things in their historical context. The movement of suffragettes in England, for example, has been very radical. These women went on hunger strikes, threw acid, etc. It was violent. May be too much. But I never heard anyone say that it was not fair to give women the right to vote.
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