Siri Hustvedt

2018 Festival Albertine to Explore Democracy and Its Future
03 Nov 2018

Albertine Books

2018 Festival Albertine to Explore Democracy and Its Future

Curated by renowned Russian-American journalist and author Masha Gessen, the fifth annual Festival Albertine will bring together thinkers, authors, and artists from both sides of the Atlantic to ask not what a democracy is but what it could be. How do we widen our lens and drop assumptions we don’t even realize we hold? The festival will ask participants to engage their imagination in six distinct areas: work; politics; borders; mental health; gender; and education.

The Festival consists of a series of six panels, from October 30 to November 3, 2018, held at Albertine Books on Fifth Avenue at East 79th Street.

Saturday, Nov 3, 2018 at 4:30PM
Redefining Normality and Disease
Writers Siri Hustvedt and Laure Murat, and artist Johanna Hedva will join two representatives of L’Oiseau Mouche Theater Company to discuss how the understanding of mental illness can move beyond a dichotomous perception of normality and disease.

The festival’s events are free and will be streamed at French Embassy