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The Summer Without Men listed for the Prix Femina 2011

Siri Hustvedt

September 16, 2011

The Prix Femina is a French literary prize created in 1904 by 22 writers for the magazine La Vie heureuse (today known as Femina). The prize is decided each year by an exclusively female jury, although the authors of the winning works do not have to be women. The winner is announced on the first Wednesday of November each year.”Wikipedia

Romans étrangers

Siri Hustvedt, Un été sans les hommes (Actes Sud)
Eleanor Catton, La répétition (Denöel)
Jonathan Franzen, Freedom (L’Olivier)
Francisco Goldman, Dire son nom (Belfond)
Jean-Christian Grondahl, Quatre jours en mars (Gallimard)
David Grossman, Une femme fuyant l’annonce (Seuil)
Laura Kasischke, Les Revenants (Bourgois)
Joseph O’Connor, Muse (Phébus)
Alessandro Piperno, Persécution (Liana Levi)
Ursula Priess, A travers tous les miroirs (Editions Zoé)
Jon Kalman Stefansson, La tristesse des anges (Gallimard)
Duong Thu Huong, Sanctuaire du Coeur (Sabine Wespieser)

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